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Thoughts on Hurricane Katrina

As I find myself watching the news, trying to wrap my mind around what has happened in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, I keep wondering about the thousands upon thousands of people who are now destitute, homes and families torn and scattered in city and country streets.

I wonder, what kind of real answers does our culture offer to these people? With a society that revolves around the highs and lows of Wall Street and the gas pumps, idolizes vapid people on Hollywood screens because they have attained wealth and fame, that has built an opulent house of golden cards, calling it “the good life” and “the American Dream,” what will that culture have to offer these people?

People on the news and around the country are struck with the thought…”what would I do if that was me?”

God, in His providence and His sovereignty, has a way of making His points with enormous exclamation points. Did we learn anything from the tsunami on the other side of the world? Will we learn anything from the hurricane in our backyard?

What will it take for us to realize that our things, our dreams, even our families, are not our hope? We cannot count on any of these things. We cannot count on our science or that our homes will not burn down while we are at work.

All we can trust in is Him who is sovereign over hurricanes, who brings healing and mercy after destruction. All we can cling to is Him who created us in His image and, though we have fallen and seek all our lives to worship ourselves while despising Him, sent Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for our sins, bringing forgiveness and ushering us into fellowship with God.

What will it take for you to repent and turn to God, so that your sin may be wiped out and you might be redeemed and made holy? What will it take?

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  1. Mamak
    September 6, 2005 at 5:03 pm

    Our church in Kingwood is a Red Cross Shelter housing about 150 evacuees from New Orleans. It was awesome to worship with them on Sunday… (not all attended the service–some stayed outside and smoked their cigarettes). I noticed an evacuee intently reading a Bible. She was reading out of Jeremiah…about the city being left desolate.

    She was the wife of a Church of God in Christ pastor, and felt that the storm was God’s judgment. When the storm was heading their way, she told her husband that God had spared New Orleans the previous year but they needed to get out of town because this hurricane was God’s judgment on their godlessness city.

    Many that we spoke to are thanking God for their safety.

  2. Scott Corbin
    October 12, 2005 at 12:46 am

    This coming from a personal stance, I was encountered with the hysteria of a oncoming natural disaster.

    As you may know, I live where Hurricane Rita was supposed to hit right on. A few days previous to the actual false alarm (due to His mercy and sovereignty), people were frantic packing all they had into their mini vans to go as far as they could from the natural disaster that would take lives that were not known at the time.

    Of course, as I said, we were not indeed hit and every person that was out of town and frantically trying to run for their lives, came back home with a slight grin on their face saying ignorant comments such as “Rita can suck it.”…”What a weak hurricane, I knew all along that we wouldnt get hit.”

    The question that springs up in my mind is this: when we are faced with losing everything, we turn to taking everything we own and pray to a God that was non-existant the day before. The next day whenever we receive mercy, we go back to simply what we swore we wouldnt turn to the day before. What is it going to take? I agree with you 100%. What is it going to take for us to realize what we have on our hands?

    Secondly, for someone to say that God would have “explaining to do” concerning these natural disasters is a tragedy. In the words of Piper, “No sir, if there is a God that is omnipotent and omniscient, then you will have the explaning to do.”

    Looks like im going to be a normal subscriber to you, Lee Wilson! Good discussion and good journal you got goin!

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