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Jonathan Edwards: A Salute

One of my favorite courses this semester, if you tied me down and forced me to pick, is a class focused on the life and theology of Jonathan Edwards. It is an incredible class, taught by Dr. Tom J. Nettles, a hilarious and brilliant historian with a deep regard for our holy God.

The first reading we were assigned for class was the entirety of the Founder’s Journal looking at Edward’s life and, specifically, the influence he has had on the Baptist Denomination. While the second article, chronicled Edward’s massive influence on Baptist Theology, is excellent, I particularly want to recommend Dr. Nettles article entitled “Jonathan Edwards: An Appreciation” with the hope that those unfamiliar with Edwards would become familiar with Edwards, catching his passion and delight in the supreme excellency of our God.

For those of you unfamiliar with Christianity, I delightfully point you to Edwards knowing that reading him will help to shed light on many of your misgivings. The article is not long and I would kindly recommend it to you, for your consideration and response.

For the Entire Journal:

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