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Whats New with Beth?

Well, this past week we made an interesting doscovery about Beth. She has been having pretty bad stomach aches every now and then and we have been trying to figure out what has been causing them. As it turns out, we realized that Beth is lactose intolerant (I bet you thought I was going to say pregnant…didn’t you?) So we have stopped her milk and cheese intake and her tummy is doing awesome. Good news for the us, to be sure.

As you know, Beth has also been working at Decker College in Student services. She has really enjoyed the job tremendously, and so has Lee. While Lee has been excited that we are now receiving pay checks, what he really loves is the amazing stories that Beth brings home every couple of days.

Let us give you a little background. Students at Decker, for the most part, are distance education students and take most of their classes on the internet. The program takes 66 weeks to complete and, during the course of that time, the students have to return to campus 4 times for hands on training and testing. As you can imagine, students travelling, often times, cross country on Greyhound buses who have regular day jobs and call Student Services have some interesting lives, interesting stories, and they do some wild things when they get to town…for example…

The stories can be odd…A girl calls from a payphone in Oregon across the street from her home, which is a camp ground (thats interesting). She is scheduled to come to campus in Kentucky, but she has a problem. You see, aparently she has a couple of dogs, and the dogs have a disease known as Parvo. If she leaves the dogs for more than 7 days, evidently the dogs will die, and she cannot convince her parents to watch the dogs. So, obviously, the girl calling from the camp ground simply will not be able to come to campus until her dogs pass away or she can find a place for them to stay.

The students can be entreprenuers while on campus…a man calls student services wanting to know why he is being kicked out of school and sent home. He is transfered over to the campus supervisor because Student Services has not been informed of what exactly has been happen. Soon after, another call is made by the first man’s roommate, with the same story of not knowing why he is being sent home, “whats the deal…man, my roommate must have done something.” The Decker investigation team is asked to look into the situation and discovers from the hotel office that the students evidently had people in their room who were not supposed to be there. “Who are these people?” you may be wondering. Well, these two upstanding citizens both found girlfriends while they were on campus, and decided to shack up with them for the rest of the month…leaving an empty hotel room vacant. So these business savy young men decided to capitalize on the situation and rented the room out to some prostitutes they met on the street to use as their base of operation.

These are just two examples of some of the incredible calls Beth and the rest of the team receive while at work…all the time. And, about every other day, Lee gets to die laughing with another wonderful story of the students of Decker College.

Don’t worry friends, there are plenty more stories and you can look forward to hearing some of the best as times rolls on by. We love you and we miss you. Let us know how yall are doing by leaving a comment or emailing focalelement@gmail.com

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