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"But What About…" (Common Questions on Christianity)

Whenever truth claims are made by a particular worldview, three words almost instantaneously spring forth from the listener’s mouth, “but what about…” It happens to everyone who asserts they have the answer to important questions; it is like a known unknown. You know the first three words are coming, but you don’t know exactly what is going to follow them.

Part of being a thoughtful believer in any worldview is hearing those “but what abouts” and responding with an adequate answer. Many times it means we must admit, “You know, I never thought about that, let me look into it” and then following up on our word.

If we are going to be deep thinking and responsible in upholding a particular worldview as true (and all worldviews, by definition, elucidate a particular system of truth), then we should set out to think through what we believe and be ready to answer for what we are professing. We should try to think critically and, in the process, figure out what the “but what about…” is likely to be followed by in terms of objections.

So, thanks to the faithful commentating of g.d and her honesty regarding her misgivings of the Christian worldview, I am going to do a miniseries covering the “but what abouts” of Christianity (if you have not been keeping up with her comments to my threads, you are missing out on the dynamic interactive “underground” of focalelement.blogspot.com).

Try not to hold your breath until tomorrow, as tempting as it might be, going without oxygen for 24 hours is rumored to cause varying degrees of health risk.

I will be starting with a look at the disciples of Jesus Christ…were they the beginning of a vast conspiracy that turned the man Jesus Christ into a legend as some now believe? Or were they fishermen whose lives were transformed by the Son of God and who went forth to preach and teach about Jesus Christ?

I look forward to looking into the answer with you all tomorrow. Keep in mind that, if you have a question to ask, you can post it as a comment here on the blog (just simply click on the “0 Comments” link at the bottom right corner of the thread) or feel free to email the question to focalelement@gmail.com.

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