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Hey friends and family!

Due to requests from family and friends alike who complained that Lee’s blog (www.focalelement.blogspot.com) was nice but didn’t let everyone know how things are going with the two of us in Kentucky, we decided to get wild and crazy and become a two blog household.

We are doing well up here in the wonderful state of Kentucky (the only thing that is not wonderful about it is that it is not adjacent to Texas and close to all of you). Beth is working for Decker College in the Student Services Department for Distance Learning (www.eDecker.com) and Lee has taken an amazing Intro to Christian Philosophy class at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (www.sbts.edu), which explains the first article on his blog.

We are living in a great town home about 15-20 minutes outside of downtown Louisville and, if you email us at focalelement@gmail.com, we will send you our address and phone numbers if you do not already have them (its just not a good idea to post that stuff on the internet). We love our place and you can be expecting photos of it very very soon.

This past weekend we were so fortunate as to have been able to come back to Texas for the wonderful Pittsfest 2k5…aka the Holy Matrimony of Sarah and Matt Pitts (their married name, they are not related) and you can see some of the photos we took during wedding festivities below. It was a blast and we were able to see a lot of friends and our families, which made it hard and lonely coming back to Kentucky…but the Lord is faithful and takes care of us.

When we got back home Lee went to turn down the AC (its been like 99 degrees the past couple of days) and heard dripping noises behind him…the hot water heater plumbing had sprung a leak and it was dripping all over the dining room table. It was an exciting night, to say the least, but our apartment complex is taking care of the damage to our apartment and we are taking it in stride, laughing. I will post a picture sometime soon of some of the leaky fun.

Well, it is almost time for date night! We love you all and we miss you very much, let us know how you are doing!

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