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The First Post: Worldviews ***UPDATED

Before I explain the name or purpose of this blog, I am going to hop into the thick of things and write an article over the next week or so with the purpose of looking at some critical issues that deal with philosophy and a Christian worldview. Basically, I want us (yep, you have to think through this with me and take a little time for introspection) to aim our critical eyes at the impact that secular, cutting edge philosophy has as it trickles down through an intellectual hierarchy in place in the American education system.To be very basic, philosophy is the analysis of the way things are, it is “the critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs” (dictionary.com). Everybody with a brain is, by nature, a philosophical being. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we all think and we all utilize philosophical methods to develop an understanding of the world we live in (also know as a worldview).

Your worldview could be compared to the lens on your camera…if the lens is cracked, smudged, or fogged up, the result is a photograph that does not accurately reflect the image you were attempting to capture. You may think “who cares, maybe the photo is cooler after the distortion?” Well, that may be true for pictures that don’t really matter, but what happens when you’re looking at your wedding photos, the picture of your first born son in the arms of your beaming wife, the images of important world events on the front page of the newspaper? The important things require a crystal clear lens, just like the important life issues demand a clear worldview…a worldview that provides the right answers about God, morality, human nature, and death (just to name a few).

So, we need to uphold a worldview that provides answers with clarity…but how do we begin to figure out whether our worldview provides the clarity we need? Well, the complete answer is way outside the scope of this particular blog thread, but there are many books and future threads to come that will shed more light on the larger issue (see end of thread for a recommended book list). For today’s purpose, we want to begin examining our worldviews by answering two simple questions that shed light on our understanding of the world ….”Who or what was most influential in the development of your worldview?” and “Would you be willing to bank your life on the trustworthiness of that influence?” Can you answer both of those questions? Most people can, in a general way, explain their basic beliefs about the world…but, in all likelihood, they have probably not taken the time to really reflect on where their worldview came from or how valid the source is. The point is this…if you do not have a dependable foundation for your worldview, then how can you trust what you uphold as truth? Maybe it is time to think through those two important questions.

(Possible answers to get the juices flowing could include: school, parents, friends, personal contemplation/exploration, etc…and you can figure out the rest)


Be encouraged to take some time to chew your answers and I would love to encourage conversation through posting your comments below or, if you prefer, email focalelement@gmail.com)

Book List:

James W Sire. The Universe Next Door
Ronald Nash. Faith & Reason.
Ronald Nash. Life’s Ultimate Questions.
CS Lewis. Mere Christianity.
D.A. Carson. Practically anything he has written
Albert Mohler Jr. Commentaries posted at www.albertmohler.com

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  1. one
    July 15, 2005 at 11:08 pm

    Alright! I’m the first comment on your first post!Great read…thought-provoking.

    What is the source of my worldview?
    I think most of us have philosiphical foundations based on the sociocultural environment that we were exposed to as children. As we test these theories in our own life experience, some of us chose to seek our own truths, because the tools that we received as children, sometimes do not solve our unique, personal problems. How we go about doing that varies, of course, per individual.

    How reliable is that source?
    The original source – That which you have been spoonfed since birth, is most unreliable, for it is based on the experiences and beliefs of those that came before us. By the time this information is passed on to us, it is most irrelevant.

    Just my humble opinion, of course.

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. focalelement
    July 17, 2005 at 9:43 pm

    Thanks for the feedback, I hope that you make it a habot to check up on my blog every few days miss g.d. I appreciate what you had to say in response for the questions, it was good commentary on the question in relation to the entire population…but the real intent of my asking these questions (in this instance) is to prompt introspection…so how would you answer the questions personally (if you don’t mind the mental intrusion)

  3. one
    July 21, 2005 at 4:03 pm

    I linked your blog on my site, so that I remember to come by and check on you.

    I’ll give your question some thought…

    I’ll post my response soon. ;-)

  4. focalelement
    July 21, 2005 at 6:28 pm

    GD – might I mention that I updated and matured the thread a little bit since you first read it? And, as always, there will be more to come…

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